Field Hockey!

HEY GUYS!! So...I have been MIA for awhile...and I'm VERY sorry. Things have just gotten so busy, and I keep telling myself I'll post...but I never do. I think I'll keep posting to when I do something new though, not every week. I don't like to make promises I can't keep. Sorry about that though :(

Anyways. Recently, I've had the chance to join a field hockey team...and I'm actually really enjoying it. Now, I know what most people say: Field hockey. Isn't that just ice hockey on a field?
But NO!!! It isn't. At all, actually. For one, field hockey is actually quite civilized. If you turn your back on your opponent, that's a foul, or 'obstruction'. There can be no more than one person against another at a time. That's called 'third party'. Sticks can't hit against sticks. That's 'hacking'. And the ball can't hit your feet in any way, shape, or form. So, it's actually quite cool!!

But don't let that fool you: if a field hockey ball hits you, it hurts. A lot. They're small balls, but they're hard balls. And it can actually get quite aggressive, I've heard...these rules just help tone it down a bit more.

We practice every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Our first game is coming up...wish me luck!! It should be fun, though.

Anyways, have any of you ever played field hockey? Or do you have any questions, or interest in the game? Leave a comment, I'd love to know!!

That's all for now. Till next time!

~Iris :)