Spreading positivity challenge

HELLO! How ya doin?

So I've noticed that I've been posting about positivity quite a bit, so I decided to continue the trend, haha.

My other posts have been about keeping yourself positive, though. This one is going to be about spreading it. 

First, I just need to say something. I honestly don't understand why people feel the need to hate on people they've never met. 

For example, celebrities. 

Do you know how much hate they get on a daily basis? It's ridiculous! For goodness sakes, you don't even know the person! You don't know the first thing about them, you only know what is available on the Internet. I can assure you, there is so much more to them than that. You have no idea. So don't hate! Appreciate!

So that's why I've decided to post this, and start this fun challenge. I'll post a bunch of different ideas to spread positivity, and I'll do them too. I want you to comment when you do them, or post a blog post about it, and maybe even tag someone you want to do it. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Smile at random people. You never know, it might just make their day. 

2) Talk to someone you haven't talked to before. 

3) Give a hug to someone who needs it (or doesn't!)

4) If you have social media, post something positive about someone - a celebrity, friend, anyone. 

5) Give someone a compliment - in person, not over social media. It could be simple as, I love your hair, or, you're a really nice person. 

So there are five ways that YOU can help #SpreadPositivity! As for who I'm tagging, I'm tagging anyone reading this. Go for it! Get up and out! You'll never know what you'll discover or who you'll meet along the way!

Anyways. Till next time!

~Iris :)