I AM BACK!! (Or Bach, cause I'm punny)

HAIIIII GUYS!!!! I am finally back. I know I kind of ditched you all in the middle of my Italy trip, and I am so sorry. We had a few full day trips and I was just way too tired after those to write up any posts. And then after the trip I got super busy, but now I am officially...Bach. Hehhe. I'll try and get around to finishing up the Italy diaries at some point, but for now...THE BLOG GOES ON.

Okay. So for this post I'm listing 10 things I want to try this summer!!!

1) learn how to cook. This would be so helpful, considering I get hungry a lot, and I've been meaning to for awhile. 

2) go for more regular runs and workouts. I need to get into better shape if I want to make sports teams this year! There's a gym near me that I've gone to once with a friend, so I think I'll try to go more regularly. 

3) learn a song by one direction by heart on the piano. This way I have a song that I can just pull out if I'm ever with friends and a piano!! So fun. Plus I love the songs. I just got the Made In The AM piano/guitar/vocal book and OMG I LOVE IT. If I Could Fly or Long Way Down are probably my faves to play so far. 

4) learn more makeup techniques amd that kind of thing, considering I am horrible at it. I can only do the basic science so I want to expand my knowledge!

5) keep learning more on guitar, like different chords. I only know the basic chords right now, but I want to learn more because I really enjoy it. So this is definitely on the list.

6) learn how to sing better. This one I've been meaning to do for awhile, cause my voice is quite out of tune. I'm hoping to take singing lessons at some point though!

7) learn a new instrument. Okay yes, I know this is like my fourth one about music, but what can I say? I love music! And I think it'd be super cool to learn yet another instrument :)

8) learn to write something new (like a new genre). This sounds exciting, something like horror maybe. Except only in the day, so that I don't scare the heck outta myself at night :P

9) learn how to tell a joke in a new language. I think this might be fun, in Italian or something like that. Cause telling it would be so fun, especially since I'd be the only person who'd understand it! Or I could take people by surprise who actually speak the language.

10) learn how to do a cartwheel. Okay this one could take a loooong time, cause I have never been able to do one. They look more like frog hops. But where there's a will, there's a way, right? 😁👍🏽

Anyways, that's it from me!! What do you guys want to learn this summer? Have you mastered any of the skills I have put down to learn, or do you have any tips? Comment below!! 

Other than that...see ya!! Have a lovely day (or rest of it)!! Till next time!!