Q&A + What's In My Bag

HELLOOOOOO! I am in such a good mood rn!! It's great!!

Cause guys. I've come to the realization...

LIFE IS FREAKING AMAZING, AND WE CAN LITERALLY DO WHATEVER WE WANT. I knew it before, but I didn't REALLY know, if ya know what I'm saying. I was scrolling through the internet and doing homework, when I came across a series of tweets from Grayson Dolan (him and his twin brother make videos and are hilarious and awesome, check 'em out on youtube!), and one of them said

"the best part of life is that you can literally do whatever you want. Some things may take time but you're in control."

And I was just like OMG TRUEEE. So yeah, I'm super hyped right now.

ANYWAYS THAT'S NOT EVEN THE POINT. I just thought I'd share it with you all haha.

So last post, I gave you guys a few options, and a few of you responded (THANKS GUYS :D) so I thought I'd combine some! It's gunna be a Q&A/Chatty What's In My Bag!! So let's get on with it!

So the lovely #sweettreats asked: "What motivates you to express your thoughts to the world, despite what others may think?"


I think that it's super important to get your voice out there, and heard. I always do it, because well frankly, the idea that it might motivate and/or inspire someone motivates me to share it. I personally get inspired by this way, so it makes me want to help get someone else inspired!!

NOW for what's in my bag!! I decided to do my purse for this one, since I did my backpack at the start of the school year, and tbh, not much has changed lol. LET'S DO THIS :)

Okay first, is my purse. I got this as a birthday present when I was quite young (so I don't remember where it's from lol sorry), and honestly, I still use it all the time. It's held up quite well!

Next, I have these  sunglasses which I wear a TON. I got them awhile ago too, and they make me feel really cool lol :P

Now my wallet. It's one of my mum's old ones that she gave me, and it's awesome - especially compared to the duct tape one I used to have (which I made when I was younger haha). The change always used to fall out of it :(

Next are these cute and cozy fingerless gloves, which I believe are a must have, especially during the spring! Since it's warming up, but still kinda chilly, y'know?

THIS ONE IS AMAZING. It's a travel brush, so if my hair is messy on the go, I can whip this out and BAM we good :)

AAAND THAT WRAPS IT UP, FOLKS! This was an especially long one haha. Also sorry I got this up late :/ I wrote most of it, then took pics on Sunday, but then didn't download them off my camera till now :( But I've posted it now!

What is your number one must-have for your purse? Comment your thoughts below!!

I BELIEVE IN YOU! You CAN and WILL finish the year off strong :) You got this peeps!

'Till next time!

~Iris xx