Be creative every day. This is the message at the end of your stick man's journey. Ah, but this is just the beginning! First, I am so, so sorry I am late in posting...I've been so busy! For this week, I decided to go for a more fun new thing, that everyone can try. I went to drawastickman.com. This is a website which allows you to create your own stick-person, and take it on a journey of its own! You can see your stick-person come to life, and as it goes along it asks you to draw things in so that it can defeat the mighty dragons, beasts, or whatever may come its way. And the best part is? You don't even have to be an amazing artist! I know that some of my drawings weren't the best - one ladder rung was crooked at the top, and my key did not look the best either - but the cheerful stickman I created didn't judge. He still used them to the best of his ability. On the contrary, you can also be as creative and elaborate as you like. I even saw one person who'd drawn a cat as their stickman! There are also different 'episodes' you can take them on. Once you're finished your first one, click on the menu at the side, then go to 'select an episode'. You just completed episode 1, but there's also episode 2 which you can try. Here's a tip: when it tells you to hit the back button, do so. I hesitated at first, thinking that they were talking about another button, but nope, hit it and wait a second, and you'll see your stickperson come onto the page.

Give it a go, and let me know what you think in the comments! Also, feel free to leave any comments on more ideas. Until next time!

~Iris :)