Fitbit Review!

Hi guys! First off, I am so, so, so sorry I haven't posted in three weeks. It's just been so busy, and whenever there's a good time to post, I'm not in wifi :( BUT I'm posting now! So...on with the post!

Recently, I got a Fitbit Charge HR. I just wanted to let you guys know how this is going, and give my review on it so far. As well, this counts as a new thing as I'm quite new to the Fitbit :) So, let's start!

The Fitbit is a tracking device which tracks your exercise stats (such as number of steps, calories burned, flights climbed, hours slept, your heart rate, etc...different fitbits track different things though). You wear mine as a wristband (there is also a couple that are clips), and then sync it to your computer at the end of the day. When you first get your fitbit, you sign up on, and then whenever you sync it to your laptop, it puts all the stats on your dashboard. It's a really great way to keep track of your health, I think.

My Fitbit is a black wristband with a small screen on it, which can display the time, your heart rate, the number of steps you've taken, the distance you've traveled in all, calories burned, and floors climbed. Also, it tracks your number of hours slept, and you can set a silent alarm on it to wake you up in the morning, which is basically a buzz on your arm. Once morning comes, you sync it again, and then you can see your sleeping stats.

I've tried it out over the last couple weeks. So far, I love it. I'm constantly checking my stats, watching them increase as the day goes on. It's encouraging me to get moving more, which is really awesome. As for the sleeping stats...well, that part is amazing. I can see exactly when I got to sleep (and what time I woke up), how long it took me to get to sleep, how long I was asleep, how many times I woke up, and how many times I was restless. Though it's not always completely accurate, it's usually in the right range. As well, this is still really cool information to know, that I don't think I would've ever known otherwise!

In conclusion, if you're thinking about getting the fitbit, I definitely recommend it. It's a really cool device that motivates you to get moving. If you know more than one person with a fitbit, you can add them as friends, and then challenge each other to be fitter, and get up and out more! (See what I did there? I think this device is really fitting with my title, haha.)

Do any of you have fitbits? What's your experience with them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! That's it for now! Until next time!

~Iris :)