HEYY PEEPS. OKAY I'M SORRY I DIDN'T POST SUNDAY. I got super busy. It was just a really busy weekend for me. I'm trying to get better, I swear. Okay so I've seen a lot of people doing fall themed posts and I think it'd be super cool so I'ma try one.

Fall is probably my favourite season. It's cool enough to have a choice: you can wear shorts if you want, but you can also wear cozy sweaters and hats and super nice things!! As you can probably guess, my preference is the latter. I get super excited for the cozy clothing, haha. So I'm just going to post 5 of my favourite things about fall!

1) COZY HATS. I am a HUGE lover of beanies. I'm not sure what it is, but I absolutely love them. I recently got a new one, and even though I'm inside, I'm still wearing it, I love it so much. It's cozy, and warms up my ears, which is awesome. But I have a rather large beanie collection. I also have quite a few snapbacks, haha, from the places I've visited (like Italy. I got one there that says "Firenze" which is Florence in Italian). But those are for summer. Beanies, I think, are for fall and early spring.

2) COZY SWEATERS. I have quite a lot of these, and they're my absolute favourite thing to wear. I'm actually wearing one right now!! I have 3 sweaters from American Eagle that are the same but in different colours lol. If I like them, I get more than one. It's just easier that way!

3) TEA. THIS IS AMAZING. I LOVE tea. I don't even know why, it just soothes you, y'know? And it's delicious. PLUS if you're sick then it's even better.

4) LEAVES CHANGING COLOUR! I just love this, since it's all colourful and red and orange and fun! I just love this time of year, in general, if you can't tell. It's like, a new year. Except not in the new year. A chance to start anew.

5) THE FOOD. Am I right?! Or am I right?! Who else loves turkey dinners??? This is probably my most favourite part of fall lol. The time you can pile your plate high with delicious food and get away with it!! Amazing. OH AND PUMPKIN PIE. AND PUMPKIN SEEDS. (this was always one of my fave outcomes of carving pumpkins.)

ANYWAYSS. That's it. I mean I could continue but I limited myself to five. To list one more that I just couldn't leave out: Hallowe'en. DRESSING UP IS SO FUN!!!!! AND CARVING PUMPKINS. AND JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

OH AND HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN ZOELLA'S NEW LIFESTYLE LINE. I just found it. I didn't know it was a thing before this but OMG I WANT THE GLOVES AND TRAVEL MUG. That looks amazing, especially for early mornings. I can drink tea, in those gloves, a cozy sweater and my beanie. I'm grinning just thinking about it!

And the last thing, for this year in particular: MUSIC. I MEAN. SHAWN MENDES. ALBUM. OUT. LAST FRIDAY. I may or may not have had it on repeat since. IT'S SO AMAZING HE HAS SUCH A GREAT VOICE OMG. Listening to him now too!! If you have listened to him, comment: what's your fave song of his? (This album or Handwritten.) Mine would have to be Patience, Understand, or Hold On. Fave one not on this album: Show You or Believe. They're all so amazing though! :O

That's it for this post though!! OH BEFORE I GO. I'm gunna be doing a Q&A on sunday if anyone is interested. So comment: do you think this is a good idea? And what questions do you have? Anything you want to know about me? I will do my best to answer them! That's all for now lovely people! Have a lovely day! Till next time!



  1. Hey Iris!
    Loved this post! Umm... Some questions, who's your biggest inspiration online and who is your biggest inspiration in real life? Xoxo

    1. Aw thanks :) And THANK YOU!!! I'll put the q & a up tomorrow:)

      ~Iris xoxo

  2. I definitely agree with epverything except for drinking tea. Hot chocolate really is my thing. Anyways, I have nominated you for the Blogger's Recognition Award. All details and questions are left on my blog.

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Haha yeah...I love hot chocolate, but tea is easier for me to make so I drink that waaaay more lol.

      And aw thank you so much!!!!



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