Battling Writer's Block

HEY PEEPS!!! OMG I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN IN WEEKS!! To be honest, my last few weeks haven't been particularly interesting so there hasn't been much to write about. School, school, school, mostly. SO busy. But today is a chill today, homework and hanging out.

So recently, I have been battling a little bit of writer's block. If you found this blog from my wattpad account, you'll note that I haven't updated since July. Early July. And I am SO sorry. I haven't had the inspiration, and I want my chapters to be good quality ones, so I've been trying to make it really good. Cam and Jess' date is surprisingly hard to write, even though I've been looking forward to writing it for a SUPER long time.

If you have any ideas...feel free to let me know haha. I think I generally know what I'm doing now, but any ideas are greatly appreciated. If you haven't read my story and want to, here's the link:

(#shamelessselfadvertising. haha sorry not sorry guys.)

Also, you'll note I haven't posted another music cover either. I've decided to do it every now and then, whenever I feel like it. Managing that many accounts regularly can get overwhelming, plus I'm honestly not that good, and I've stopped taking singing lessons for a bit. So maybe once I start up again, I'll post more often. But for now, that account is NOT a regular thing AT ALL.

ANYWHO. As I've been struggling with writer's block, I thought I'd share some tips and tricks to help get over it that have helped me in the past.

1) focus on a different story that you've been writing. Then you can come back to the struggling one with a fresh mind, later.

2) READ. Seriously, even when you aren't struggling, still read. Reading's great. And it can help you through writer's block by giving you inspiration, especially if it's a book you really like.

3) I also recommend reading the story you're stuck on, again. This has helped me in the past. Or if you're writing a series, go through and read the prior books in the series.

4) Do something else! This works too, and goes along the same lines as number 1.

5) When you aren't going through writer's block, write down any ideas you have. This can help you when you are going through it.

6) ENJOY IT. Writing, I mean. If you don't enjoy it...well, it's no wonder the writer's block has come to you, haha. Cause it isn't fun.

THAT'S IT FOR NOW, FOLKS. Do you have any tips for overcoming writer's block? Include 'em down in the comments!

Other than that...have a lovely Sunday, and I shall see you next Sunday, for another blog post!

Till next time!



  1. Great post! I'll be coming back to it when I need to! Although I just need to listen to Wild World and I'll be writing a song haha! Xoxo

    1. Thanks!! I'm glad it could be of use :) And haha I love being able to find a song that can be a source of inspiration, that's awesome!! :)


  2. I usually get writer's block when I'm writing under pressure. So when I try to do other things to break out of the thoughts blockage, it doesn't exactly help because I'm so stressed and pressured to write to the best of my ability. So, when I do not stress about writing perfectly, my words actually flow really nicely,obviously with mistakes. But I can fix them, to make my piece of writing better, so it's no biggie really.To sum everything up, my advice is DO NOT STRESS or try not to stress when having the occasional writers' block.

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Thanks for the advice, as I am undergoing a bit of writer's block right now that really helps :) Stressing is a factor in my writer's block probably...but I mean it's a hobby so I need to let go of that. Mistakes are fixable, as you said :D

      Thanks for the advice, and thank you for reading!! :)

      ~Iris xoxo


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