Guest Post | Paige


Hello everybody, and welcome to Iris’s blog. You’re probably thinking, “Who the heck is writing right now?” Well my name is Paige and I run the blog called ‘Building My Throne’. This week Iris and I decided it would be fun to do a guest appearance on each other’s blogs!

Here are some facts about me before I start writing
1.)  I have only been blogging for about a year and a half
2.)  I live in Canada (yes it’s freezing)
3.)  I ride horses
4.)  I’m pretty short
5.)  I’m in my second year of college (studying journalism)
6.)  I like to end lists on an even number

I have thought this whole week about what I wanted to write about for this blog post, but nothing was coming to my mind but recently I have become addicted to thinking about the concept of the world. So I thought, why not write about that?

            Right now I’m at the age where I’ve been in school for most of my life. And as mentioned in my list of facts I’m currently in school right now for journalism, and loving it but I can’t help to think why? What is this all for? We go to elementary school to get to high school, go to high school to get to post-secondary and then hopefully get a job in our field of study. But then what? I guess there’s always the option for upgrading, and promotion but then what? There has to be more than life, and the world than just school and work.

            Maybe I’m just an unaware 20 year old who hasn’t figured it out yet, or maybe I’m just too much of a victim of my own mind and thoughts. Regardless, I hope I figure it out eventually.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me a little!

Here is my blog is you want to check it out:

And continue to read Iris’s because her blog is one I can read no matter what mood I’m in and it makes me instantly happier, and I guarantee it will do the same for you!

Until next time…