How To: Start Your Day Motivated

HEY! Happy new year! How are you all? So sorry I haven't posted recently. I've been busy the last like, 11 days haha. But I am back!! Anyways. School is starting up again (or for many, has started up already). I just started today! Back at it again. The break was so nice, but now it's time to get back in it and start workin' hard again!

So because of this, I thought I'd try and help you all out with this post: how to start your day motivated!! So without further ado, let's get into it!!

For my first tip, I'd say, go to the light first thing. Open up your curtains, and look outside for a few minutes. It'll make a world of difference, trust me. The sun just has a way of waking you up, y'know?

Tip number two, is to have a healthy breakfast. This is really good to give you energy to start your day. You don't want to get halfway through and be hungry! So have a good, healthy, full breakfast (I will do another post on that in the future if you want, comment below!).

Tip number three, is to set out all your clothes and pack your bags the night before. This is for maximum efficiency, so you can wake up a zombie and still get things done.

Tip number four, is to try and get up right away. If you fall back asleep, that's the worst time to get up, as your body just getting back into the sleeping cycle so you'll be even more tired than if you'd just gotten up!

Tip number 5, is to set an alarm with loud music (or turn up the volume) so you will have to get up. I often turn up the volume because then I know I have to get up, to turn it off so I don't wake anyone else up. So whether it's a song that motivates you, or the volume of the music, figure it out and try it! Oh and don't put your alarm too close to your bed, cause then it's too easy to just hit sleep.

Tip number 6, is to hang up little cue cards with inspirational sayings on them in convenient places in your room. Places such as on your closet door, or on the door to your room work best, as you see them every morning. You can write sayings like "she believed she could so she did" or "You got this" or "Smile. It's gunna be a great day." Those were just a few of the ones I taped up around my room, so I see them every morning. It's a nice little reminder that yes, it is going to be a good day. And yes, you can do it. It's up to you :)

That's it for today guys! I have homework to do unfortunately, so I must be off :(

Comment your thoughts and tips for early mornings, and your ideas for future posts down below! Have a lovely day, and remember: how you do and act, and who you are is completely up to you. If you always are the victim and think the whole world is against you, you won't get very far. But guess what? The whole world isn't against you. Lots of people want to see you succeed, you just gotta put in the time and effort to ask questions, understand the material, and actually know it. Everything you do now is for your future. So get up off your computer (or close distracting windows if you have work on your computer) and get to work! Cause you only get one life. What you do with it is up to you :)


Till next time!

~Iris xx


  1. Thank you for writing this post because I've been so unmotivated recently and it's eating away at me :) I like the idea of openig curtains and not going back to sleep ! I think I'm going to put my phone at the other end of the room so I have to get up to turn it off !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Aw yay I'm so glad to hear that this helped you!! Let me know how it goes!! :)

      ~Iris xx


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