Hello, Spring! | Spring Goals 2017

HEY peeps! So...it's finally starting to be spring! It's actually supposed to be somewhat warm sometime this week, so I am PUMPED for that :)))) Also, sorry I didn't get this up yesterday :/ I meant to but I didn't finish it in time unfortunately :( It's up now though!

Here is a quality (or nah) pic of an orchid for y'all haha. I took this about 3 sec ago. Sweet. HELLO, SPRING!

Anyways, in honour of spring, I thought I'd do a post on my spring goals for 2017!! So here we gooo!!

1. Drink more water.

Whenever I don't drink enough water, I usually feel awful and sick after, and so I'd like to drink more water to feel better and healthier throughout the days :)

Steps? I'll do this by making sure I pack a water bottle everyday in my bag as well as my tea, and refilling it at least 2 times a day!

2. Get outside more.
The weather is so nice in the spring. I went for a walk the other day and it was sooo nice out, I was just like "why don't I do this more often?" It also smelled like spring, like really fresh and all, and that's my absolute fave! So I'd definitely like to get outside more.

Steps? Try to take the outdoor route when possible, and go for a walk at least 3x a week? (I think that's doable haha.)

3. Be more confident.
I'd really like to accomplish this one. I find myself just sitting back a lot in classes, not being confident enough in my answer, but I'd really like to stop that. The times I do participate more I enjoy it waaay more, so this is a big one for me. I feel like I let go of a lot of opportunities as well by not being confident enough to go for them. So this would be an awesome one to try.

Steps? Speak up a certain number of times per class (I'll start with 1x, then 2x, then 3x, etc.) and if I know the answer, to just say it. Also, I think making sure my morning routine is down pat will help, and doing something with my hair or makeup just sometimes makes me feel more confident, y'know? Like if I take time to do my hair in the morning a certain way that I really think looks good, then that means I'm way more confident during the day. So I'll try that too. (sidenote: am I the only one that feels this way? Comment and let me know if you do too haha.)

4. Plan more effectively.
This one's a biggy for me. I'm not gunna lie, when I don't plan, I'm a huge procrastinator. So I'm gunna try my best to stop procrastinating, by planning more. I feel like when I have a plan, I stick to it and get things done!

Steps? I have a planner that I use regularly, so I'll use it and plan out my week every Sunday, and then each day as it comes. I'll plan in everything, including fun times with friends and breaks and blogging! So that should be helpful.

That's it for today peeps! What are your goals for spring? Comment them down below! I think they're super helpful to set as they keep you on track and focused. I will update you on my progress as the season progresses :)

Now, I must be off to pack my bag for tomorrow. School's back in session for me starting tomorrow. Spring break, you were lovely. Now it's time to focus again :)

Also, I need your feedback: for next week, what would you rather see -

"what's in my bag" post
"q&a" and/or life chat post (if yes to this one comment q's!)
"exam tips" post

Comment your thoughts below pleaseeeee that'd be much appreciated <3 <3

That's it for today (actually this time)! YOU GOT THIS PEEPS. Remember, you are in charge of your own happiness!!! Go and conquer the world, I believe in you!! <3

Till next time!

~Iris xx


  1. I think I'd either like a 'what's in my bag' or an 'exam tips' :D

    1. Sweet! Thanks for reading, and thanks for the feedback!! :)))

      ~Iris xx

  2. Getting outside more and being more confident are two things which I definitely need to work on. Also, I think all the posts suggested are just as good as each other. I can't choose(which isn't much of a help to you). *sorry*

    BBB x www.beautybeblogger.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Yup those are great goals, we got this!! Spring is gunna be our season :)

      And haha well I mean that still does help, any feedback is better than none, right? :P :)

      ~Iris xx

  3. All the above are additional duties which shall be added to my to-do list. 😊Duties I don't do enough of.

    Ps: A Q&A: What motivates you to express your thoughts to the world, despite what others may think?

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yay! You got this :) And thanks for your question!!

      ~Iris xx


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