Notes on Notes: A Music Review

HEY GUYS! How are you all?

I am honestly so so so so excited by the amount of amazing music that has come out in the past few days! I mean, c'mon! Ed Sheeran's album, AND Ocean Park Standoff's album???? In ONE day??? On top of it all, I got these really cool new headphones last week and have barely taken them off since they arrived on Wednesday! They are so comfortable, and the sound quality is great too. Also, they happen to be bluetooth, so no more wrestling with the cords! Tbh they make listening to music 10000x better! And they weren't extremely expensive either, as headphones go! Here are some pics of them, I would 100% recommend them if you are looking to get a pair :)

Needless to say, I have been listening to both albums on repeat the past few days, so I thought I just had to sit down and write about it all :) So here goes!

First, Ed Sheeran's album. OH MY GOODNESS. It's so good, and the lyrics, and the music, and the vibe of it all is just perfection. As I said to my friends, if he needs a year off to write something as amazing as that, heck, he can have as many years off as he likes.

I love the Irish vibe he has going on in a couple of his songs as well. I read in an interview that he's thinks it would be cool if that kind of vibe was more prominent in popular music, and I gotta say, I TOTALLY agree. I personally love that kind of music, so that would be awesome!

ALSO NANCY MULLIGAN IS ABOUT HIS GRANDPARENTS' LOVE STORY. I just think that is so cute, and it's such a good song too, omg. I love it, and I love dancing to it :) I was so confused at first cause in the song it says "She was Nancy Mulligan and I was William Sheeran" and I was like "ummm no you're Ed Sheeran what are you talking about boy" and then I looked it up and found out he had said it was about his grandparents. That just makes the song so much better tbh.

Right now, my top faves are probably Nancy Mulligan, Dive, Galway Girl, What Do I Know, and Save Myself. But honestly, the whole album is amazing. I don't think there's a song on there that I dislike, just some I would listen to more than others.

I also feel like I can jam more to this album than any other one he's released, which is really cool. Would totally recommend his songs to anyone, no matter who you are. He's probably one of my favourite song writers, if not my number one fave.

Now for Ocean Park Standoff.

They released a self titled album on the same day. They're a smaller band my friend told me about and I LOVE them! It's just a bunch of good vibes songs, many about positivity!

One of my faves on the album is called "Lost Boys" and it's basically about just forgetting about what you can't control and just enjoying life, and I love it! It's also a really good song for jamming, which is super fun :)

That's basically it...go give both albums a listen if you haven't already! They are both amazing :)

That's it for today lovely people! Have an amazing day :) I'm so glad Spring Break is almost here :))) SO excited to have that time off, though I wish spring would come sooner haha. It was warm and then cold and I don't even know what to think anymore! And I got a bunch of new spring clothes last weekend, and now I can't even wear any of them cause it's too cold :( But oh well, spring will come again, I'm sure!

QOTP: "Good things come to those who hustle." Trying to remember this whenever I struggle to finish my work haha. If you work hard, anything is possible. So go out there and conquer the world, friends! I believe in you <3

Till next time!

~Iris xx


  1. Happy that your excited to tune into your choice of songs with your new headphones. Not gonna lie, but I loved Stormzy and Ed collab at the Brit awards.

    Ps:You've been nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by me. All infor can be found on my blog.

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Yup, I really was haha. And ooh I haven't seen that yet, but I will definitely check it out!

      And thank you so much, I'm honoured!! :)

      ~Iris xox

  2. I am loving Ed's new album as well!!

    1. Yay! It's awesome!! :))

      ~Iris xox


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