Debating and Working Out!

HALLO! So, as a follow up to my post yesterday, I thought I'd do a quick post today about how I'm doing on day 1 of my resolutions :)

I surprisingly had a very good Monday! Mondays aren't usually the best for me...I mean, it's Monday. The weekend is now over. You have to start a new week. BUT I'm going to try and NOT think like that, haha, 'cause one of my resolutions was to be more positive. That's going to be hard on Monday mornings though... :-|

Anyways. The first resolution was to be more active...I had a dance rehearsal today for the musical (FUN! But I don't normally do dance so I had to focus quite a bit to get the moves :P)...and I also just finished working out and watching TV. Who else watches PLL? I DO! While I'm working out. I'm only on season 3 though, and I know the newest episode just no spoilers please!!! :)

The second resolution was to do one thing every day that scares me. For today, I debated. I was terrified. Like EXTREMELY terrified. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I hate public speaking with a passion. So I stood there, shaking, but I was luckily well prepared with lots of notes, so I managed to go just past the time limit!! That was quite cool. And my second time speaking was pretty good as well. I had a couple weeks to prepare, but I was still so nervous, and hoping our debate wouldn't be today. Unfortunately, it was, but it actually went so well. I was literally on top of the world for the next couple hours, all like, "YES. Try me, world, try me. I can do anything!!! I just DEBATED!! And I did WELL!! So test my limits!" Haha lol. So I was very proud of that.

The third resolution was to be more positive...well, I had a good Monday, so I guess that counts? 'Cause I was thinking at the beginning of the day how good of a day I'd have (while having a shower to wake myself up :P). Then I was being positive before the debate, saying things like "we got this" or "we can do this". So yeah.

YAY! I actually succeeded today in all three of my resolutions! Now, I won't be working out tomorrow (as I do that every two days). BUT my other two apply to tomorrow, so I'll try my best to write about that. And also, if I can't update on my resolutions I'm going to try and post my 'positivity playlist'. (If I do update on my resolutions, I think I'll also put up my positivity playlist. Depends on how I'm feeling :D) Haha that's actually a cool name for it though! I just came up with that now :P I was also thinking to try a couple different kind of posts this weekend, or trying something completely new to write about, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But that's only if I have time.

If you have any ideas, comment them below! And don't forget to post your new years resolutions on my last post, so we can do them together!

Before I go, I have one thing to say: Bring on tomorrow!! I accomplished so much today, I am so ready for Tuesday. So, bring it on!! That's what succeeding in scary things does to me :)

So I challenge you, for tomorrow, to do one thing that scares you. You never know what you might accomplish! I know I'm definitely going to try and do it more often. I feel so invincible and awesome afterwards, and let me tell you, that is FOR SURE a good feeling :) Have you ever had an experience like that? Comment them below! And if you're nervous about something in particular, comment that below too. If we all commented something that we're scared about, I'm sure we could help each other out and achieve our goals :) Wow. That was pretty darn inspirational. YEAH BUDDIE.

Haha anyways, that's it from me, as I have stuff I need to do. So, see ya! And don't forget: #StayPositive!!!!!!!!

'Till next time!

~Iris :)