Hey guys! So, I haven't posted in a REALLY long time...almost 3 months!...and I feel really bad about that. Is anyone even going to read this, since I haven't posted in so long? To anyone who does, THANK YOU!!! You're the best. Seriously.

I haven't really been trying many new things, mostly just been going through the routine. Which is kinda I'll try to find more new things...but I think I'll also do a few other posts, about lifestyle and just life in general, things like that. So this will still be a blog about trying new things, but I'll post other things as well, so that I can post more often.

An update on field hockey: the season is over now, but it was actually super fun. I really enjoyed it and want to do it again next year! I just have to get a little bit better...since I was NOT the best player on the team by far. I was probably one of the worst but you know what? It's okay. It was still fun, and that's what counts. I even got to hit the ball in some games! That felt amazing, haha, even though that's what you're supposed to do...

But for today's new thing...I tried out for a musical! It's not big, but I'd never done that before, so when the opportunity came up...I took it. Now, I've always loved music, and I can play a few instruments, but I can't for the life of me sing. So why I thought this would be a good idea beats me. But anyways, I tried, out, and boy was I glad I did. I made it!! It's not a big part, and I don't do much singing (thank god), but I'm still part of it! So that's really cool. I still have to memorize my lines...but I will do that and let you guys know how it goes :) The play is Spamelot, from Monty Python...I'm not sure if anyone's heard of it, but I still have to see the movie. I'm actually really excited for that :)

Anyways, I'm really excited now that it's the holidays! I'll have so much more time to Get Up And Out. So that should be fun! I'll try and post as much as I can, now that I'm not just limited to new things :) And I'll try and post some pictures in my next post!

I've got to go now though...till next time!

~Iris :)