My Top Ten Happy Things :)

So, this isn't a post about something new...but it's just a fun one. So for today, I'm going to list the top ten things that make happy, no matter what mood I'm in!

1) Being with friends/family. Even just talking with them usually gets me in a good mood pretty quickly. I forget about my problems and just lose myself in the conversation.

2) Reading a book. Now I know for some people this won't work, but for me it does. It always has, I guess 'cause I can just forget about what I was upset about and just lose myself in the book. Just make sure that the book isn't going to make you cry, 'cause that doesn't really improve your mood.

3) Listening to music. This usually does the same as books for me. Singing along usually makes it even better :-)

4) Being with my cat. Her purr could make anyone's day ten times better, so cuddling with her definitely helps.

5) Playing music. I play guitar, piano, and playing one of those makes me happier, or at least in a better mood, since I just focus on what I'm playing.

6) Sleeping. Take it from a sleep lover: sleeping your worries off definitely helps!

7) Writing. I, for one, enjoy writing a lot, so this helps to take my mind off whatever is making me upset.

8) Thinking about things that make me happy. This may seem kind of obvious and maybe even slightly overused...but it's true. It really does work.

9) Exercising. Besides being good for you, it really does make you feel better. Score! :)

10) Doing something exciting/spontaneous. Even if it's just a trip to the can still be fun! Just think of something random...and do it! Listen to something new, go somewhere you haven't before...or hang out with someone you haven't really hung out with before! You might be surprised, it can be really fun if you let it! And it takes your mind off whatever was bothering you.

So, there you have it! Ten things that make me happy. Do you do any of these things? Or are there anymore you can think of? Let me know in the comments! I want to know :) Anyways, I gotta go now so...'till next time!

~Iris :)