Top 10 Favourite movies

Hi guys!!! So...this is a post about my favourite movies. As a side note, I went to see the new starwars movie today with my family, so look out for a review on that! I'll probably put one up sometime soon.

The holidays have been super busy for me, so I haven't gotten much time to write, unfortunately. However, I've seen quite a few movies with various people over my holiday, so I decided that a cool post for today would be my favourite movies.

Now, this will be difficult for me, as I've seen and watched so many, but I'm going to try my best. Okay, here goes:

1) The entire Harry Potter series. Okay, I know what you're thinking. C'mon, Iris, really? A series? You said top ten MOVIES not SERIES. I know, I know. But there are 8 movies and that would take up 8 spots, and I have many more movies that I enjoy. Therefore this will count as one. And if you don't like this series...shame on you. Haha, if you couldn't tell, I'm a MAJOR fan of the harry potter books AND movies :-)

2) Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Okay, some people might not have even heard of this one, I know, but it is HILARIOUS. Well, at least to me. I've probably watched it a billion times and I still don't get tired of it!

3) The Sound of Music. This has been a fave for me ever since I was a kid, and that hasn't changed. I've seen this movie more times than I can count. I can probably recite some of the lines, I know how to play some of the songs on the piano, plus, I've seen the play. Yeah, you could say I'm a little obsessed, but I just like to call it dedicated :)

4) Elf. This is such a classic, and it's hilarious. I just had to include it. It's definitely one of my faves, and I usually watch it around this time. during the holidays :D

5) The Fault In Our Stars. Oh my gosh. No words. Though I loved the book more than the movie, I loved the movie too. But of all places, I watched it on a plane. Why? 'Cause I was silly and bored. Ladies and gents, NEVER watch a movie on a plane that you know would normally make you cry. Take it from the expert.

6) Divergent. Don't compare it to the book, otherwise you'll be disappointed. I hadn't read the book when I first saw it. All my friends had though, and so their reactions were much different than mine. But I loved it.

7) Mockingjay part 1 and 2. OKAY THIS ONE COUNTS AS ONE MOVIE. I didn't really like them splitting it into 2, haha. But I saw part 2 the day before yesterday...LOVED IT. It was so good. And I saw part 1 one of the first days it came out last year :P

8) The Martian. This one is a newer film, but it was so good. I went to see it in the god. It was so intense, and funny in parts, and I just really liked it.

9) Despicable Me (the first one). Okay I saw this one awhile back, but it remains one of my top ten. One of my favourite lines from it: "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE!"

10) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs #2. I've seen this one a couple times, and it's actually really good! I saw the first one in theatres when it first came out, and I saw this one again a couple weeks ago, and really enjoyed it.

So, there you have it! My top 10 movie list. Have you seen and liked any of these movies? What is your top ten list? Let me know in the comments! Till next time!

~Iris :)