Positive Playlist

HALLO!!! So I realize that this post is a bit later than I intended...okay a lot later...I'm sorry!...but here it is!!

So, a quick update on resolutions: I DEBATED AGAIN GUYS!!! It didn't go as well this time, since I didn't exactly reach the time limit...but I did have extremely short notice (like two minutes worth haha) so I think I did okay under the circumstances. But yeah, that was cool.

Anyways. For my positive playlist! Here are some songs I have put into it:

1) Drag Me Down - One Direction: This one is just a really good pump up song, and it has some good messages. YES. NOBODY CAN DRAG ME DOWN!!!! :D

2) Never Enough - One Direction: This one is just a really upbeat song, that's really fun.

3) Feelin' It - Scotty McCreery: most of the songs on my positive playlist are pumps up songs, as I'm sure you can tell :) this is another fun song. 

4) Show You - Shawn Mendes: This is just a really inspirational song I think, about doing you no matter what anyone says, and I love it!!

5) Move My Way - The Vamps: I love this song, especially to get me up in the morning. It's about starting a brand new day, with a little bit o' love mixed in! :)

So there you have it: 5 songs on my positive playlist. How about you? What songs are on yours? Comment below, Id love to know! (That rhymed!!) anyways that's all for now so...till next time!!