Singing lessons

Guys hi!!! I know it's not Sunday but OMG OMG!!!

I'm starting singing lessons!! Today!! I called to enquire and they said they had Monday and Tuesday's available, so I took both (I'm doing a 4 lesson plan just to try it out, then I'll do more if I can) and they said I could start today and you know what I said to that?


Okay jkjk. I didn't actually say that. But I did in my head. I've been wanting to take lessons for SO LONG and I finally am!!!! This is so cool. I hope it goes well. 

I start in like an hour and a bit. So nervous and excited all at the same time!!

I just couldn't wait to tell you all!! Have any of you taken singing lessons? Do you have any tips and advice for me? Cause I would LOVE to hear them, so please comment below haha. 

Anyways that's it from me. I shall go fangirl to my cat now. (No seriously, she came over to cuddle when I was on the phone with the studio. Cats these days, I swear). 

Anywho...OH I WENT TO THE BOOK STORE WITH MY MUM AND WE MET AN AUTHOR WHO WAS THERE WITH HIS NEW BOOK!!! It was his first book. We bought it so I'll let you know how it is!! 

Okay that's actually it so...SEE YA!! Have a lovely day (or rest of it)!! Till next time!!