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Hey y'all!!! OKAY I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON I KNOW. I HAVENT POSTED THE LAST COUPLE WEEKS. I was taking a first aid course last week, but I'm back again. And first aid certified :)

SO. I have another post planned-involving pasta ;)- but I wanted to get this one out there first. 

So since I've started taking singing lessons, I've started to feel a bit more confident with my voice. So I've decided to start doing music covers, on YouTube. I got a new guitar for my bday (I love it omg I've legit been playing it every day since I got it) and so I'll play and sing. It'll mainly be country music, with a bit of pop maybe. And I may play the piano for some. So I have three questions:

1) would anyone be interested in watching?

2) does anyone want to start with me? We could start and support one another as we go. It always helps to have someone who is working on the same goal, doing it with you, so if you have ever wanted to do this, hit me up with a comment or email, letting me know! We could even do some collabs, once we get started. 

3) what songs would you want me to sing? Keep in mind I mainly sing country haha :) I'd even do some pop, but that's it for now. 

ANYWAYSSSS. Let me know in the comments below!!!!

Anybody who is reading this: I love you. :)

Till next time!



  1. Hey! Um... I'd love to do something like this! But since there's a lot of people at my school who read my blog, I'd die of embarrassment, so if we were to do a collab I'd love to do something similar to this! And then something different on my blog? Maybe xoxo

    1. Hey! Yes that would be so fun!! And hey, don't limit yourself based on what other people will think. If you want to do something, just go for it. It doesn't matter what other people will think! But yeah that would be awesome! Shoot me an email or something and we can figure out details of one :)

    2. Thanks and I will do! Xoxo


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