Final Update: Musical!!!

HEY!! So, I haven't posted in literally forever and I am SO SORRY!!! Life got in the way :( Namely, the musical, which is what I wanted to post about.

So the week before last week, we did the show. And let me just say, it was amazing, and so fun!! I honestly was so nervous before and during opening night. I mean, I was going to be up on stage! Doing stuff! In front of a lot of people! That in of itself was so nerve-wracking. But once I got into it, it was actually so fun. Yes, things went wrong, as they always do, but hey, it's not like the audience knew, right?

The second night was so much more fun for me personally. I knew what I was doing, at least more than I had the first time. There were mic difficulties all three nights unfortunately, which meant my solo usually went unheard. Like, REALLY??? That was my time to shine!! But NO, it HAD to cut out. Haha, I think someone in the sound booth had it out for me :P Just kidding. The sound booth people were really nice. And to be honest, it wasn't much of a solo, it was like, 2 words. But it was still awesome. I mean, think about this: there was a time in the play, where I was the only one on stage singing. AND I'M NOT EVEN A GOOD SINGER!!!!!! YES, BRUH!!! NON-SINGERS REPRESENT!!!!

Also, guess what the two words of my solo were? Hint: it has something to do with the outdoors. And kinda rhymes with...wait no never mind it doesn't even rhyme with the rest of the song. Lol. HOWEVER. It rhymes with "bony wrecking" (not that that makes any sense :P) If you guess correctly...YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Just comment below haha.

MOVING ON. I also had some lines on my own, which was pretty cool. IT WAS SUCH A FAST CHANGE THOUGH HOLY COW. Like I went off stage and then they shoved clothes on me. I was supposed to have a hood wasn't even on right! That's how fast it was. it was just like a scarf around my neck. Literally. I even had a blue dress on from the last scene, but the other costume just went right on top of that!

The third night was awesome as well. We had a cast and crew party at the end, and poster signing! It was so cool. It was honestly such an amazing experience, and all the late nights were definitely worth it. (we were there until 11pm every night of show week!) I enjoyed every moment of this experience, and learned so much. I would recommend this 100% to anyone.

Have you guys been in any musicals or plays? You can leave a comment below, and don't forget to guess on my solo! It would be so cool if someone got it lol. I want to know! (haha, Anne of Green Gables reference there :D comment the character who says that if you get it.)

ANYWAYS. I have one more question. What would you guys think if I started a YouTube channel? This is a HUGE maybe right now. It may not even happen. But if it did, I would start in the summer, and I'd do vlogs, random videos, and I think it would be super fun to do a monthly favourites video every month as well. Would anyone be interested in watching? Let me know!

AS WELL. I just discovered chameleon gel and OMG IT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. I haven't actually bought any yet, but I want to, so does anyone have any recommendations? Just for like what kind, and where to get them and stuff. Or tips. Cause I've never used it before haha.

ANYWAYS I ACTUALLY HAVE TO GO NOW. I gotta study D: Darn school. Wish me luck haha!! SEE YA!! Oh and good luck to any exam writing people :)



  1. Congratulations on an amazing show and happy studying! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  2. Being in a musical was one of the biggest and best experiences of my life, I was so excited to see you've been in one too! I actually played Hodel in A Fiddler On The Roof ^^ It's a great feeling, isn't it? Being onstage. I just love it! | Acqua xx

    1. Really?? That's so cool!!!!!! What was your favourite part??And it really was. We did a comedy, and though I was so nervous at first (I legit gave myself a pep talk, haha), once people started laughing, I couldn't help it. I start smiling a little more. It's such a good feeling, being up there, and making all those people laugh!!! Or just being up there, doing your thing, in front of everyone. Especially when you've been practicing for so long!

    2. My favourite part had to be my tear-jerker song, Far From The Home I Love. It was such an honour to play that! I actually translated the whole thing too. My favourite moment of the whole run was the standing ovation we got at the first show :) I have to admit I had to hold back tears! Being onstage is one of the greatest things in life for me!


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