The Happiness Tag

HEY WONDERFUL READERS!! So for today, I was nominated for the Happiness Tag!!! Thank you so much to Acqua, who nominated me :) this is honestly so cool!!!!! Go check out her post, and just her blog in general. It's awesome :D

So without further ado, lets get right into it!! This is what makes me happy :)


-baking cookies
-just any food in general!!
-springtime smell
-wood burning fires


-Now and Forever: I just read this book this weekend and OMG. It was so good and honestly gave me so many feels. I cried, I laughed, it was great. I would totally recommend it. 

-Speechless: I just finished this one today, haha, but it was AMAZING. It really makes me want to do something about bullying, which is the main focus of the book. Not that I didn't in the first place. 

-The Fault in our Stars: I LOVE THIS BOOK!! I know a ton of people do and you can call it cliche if you want. But it's one of my faves for a reason. 

-If I Stay: this book was SO good. I read the second too, they had me hooked. So emotional and amazing. 

-Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl: I LOVED this book. It was brutally honest and hilarious, even though I never thought I'd ever say that about a book that's about death!!


-being silly
-MUSIC: All kinds. But my two fave genres are country and pop, hands down. 

Films & TV:

-Ferris Bueller's Day Off: OMG THIS MOVIE IS SO FUNNY. Ever since I saw it when I was young, this has remained on my favourites list :)

-Harry Potter: I love the books too. I have always loved the series :)

-Pretty Little Liars: LOVE this show. Anyone else watch it? I'm on season 4. I started last summer haha. 

-The Big Bang Theory: this show is hilarious. No ifs ands or buts about it. 

-Never Been Kissed: I saw this for the first time this year and love it. Though I must say, there are times when it's so awkward it hurts. I literally cringed when watching it at times, but that was the idea of the movie I think haha.

AND THAT WRAPS UP: THE HAPPINESS TAG!!! Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed :)
I nominate Cielo Fronteras and InnerSmile to do this next :) Hope you guys have fun!

SEE YA NEXT SUNDAY!! (See??? I'm actually doing this sunday thing!! Haha.) I'm gunna go swim now. IT'S SO NICE OUT!!! Earlier, it started raining, and I got so disappointed, cause I thought that I wouldn't be able to swim today. BUT IT STOPPED!! So now I shall go take advantage of the good weather :) See ya! Have a lovely day!