Ipsy Review!

HEY PEOPLE!! So, I'm not sure if you have seen my 'about me' page lately, but I have decided to try and post every Sunday. Unfortunately, I did not post last Sunday, so this is making up for it haha.

Anyways. I'm not sure if you have heard of it, but recently, my mum and I subscribed to a makeup program type thing called 'Ipsy'. You basically sign up, and pay a certain fee every year, and then each month they send you a little bag with five new makeup products. I was just getting into makeup at the time, and my friend and her mom had started it, so my mum and I decided to give it a try. 

Now, I will say, it is quite expensive, I think. However, it is very fun, and I probably would not get this much makeup otherwise, haha. 

At the start, when you sign up, you take this quiz. You pick as many or as few brands as you would like to see in your makeup bags, as well as the type of product, and the kind of makeup style you like. They then base your products each month off of that. 

And can I just say, I LOVE THE BAGS. THEY'RE SO COOL AND AMAZING!!! I usually use them for on the go makeup bags. 

It's actually so much fun, and we get so excited when the email comes that it has shipped!!

If you would like to do this, I totally recommend it...as long as you don't mind paying the price. Though I do think it's a bit much (we didn't realize it was that much when we signed up), and I'm most likely not doing it again, it was still super fun while it lasted. 

have some pictures here of some of the different make up products I have gotten over the months:

 Glamour Dolls lip gloss: this is a pink shade of lip gloss that I received this month. It's a squeeze on, which I found weird at first, but I love the colour!!

Smashbox X-rated mascara: so this is actually the first mascara I have ever owned. I got it this month as well, and it's pretty cool. Not hard to use, which is always nice. 

That Glo Tho (...rub on eye shadow I guess? Not sure what to call it haha): this is super easy to use, and I really love it. It doesn't have a lot of colour, it's more sparkly. I use it to replace eye shadow.

These are two of the bags I have received with my Ipsy packages!! These bags are so awesome, I use 'em for everything.

And that basically ends this post!! Sorry it's a bit late haha. It was really long too!! But I have been wanting to do this one for a bit :) anyways, hope you enjoyed it! As always, comment anything you want me to try and I will try my best to try it, comment your thoughts on this post, if you like, as well...and have a wonderful day, lovely readers!!



  1. OMG I want those bags! I don't actually use makeup that much, but that sounds like such a fun thing to do!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

    1. I know right I love the bags!!! And it is :) I use make up waaaay more than I used to, so it's pretty useful, actually,haha. But even then I don't use it constantly. I'm at that in between stage, ya know? I use it a lot but I don't ����

  2. I've wanted to try this for the longest time now!

    1. Really?? That's so cool!! As long as you don't mind the price I'd totally recommend it. It's actually super fun :)


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