Going Vegetarian!

HEY!! So, since it's Sunday, I'm back with a new post :)

This week, I decided to try out being vegetarian. I thought it would be a cool experiment, and a helpful one, especially with all the documentaries and articles I've been seeing recently about how it would help the earth more than a lot of things.

However, it was so much harder than I thought.

I don't normally eat lunch at home, and so this week I suddenly became aware of just how many delicious meat options there were out there that I usually ate...I didn't allow myself to have them though haha.

I will admit, I did have one cheat day: there was a barbeque that we only have once a year. I remember the burgers being super delicious last year...so I couldn't resist. (they were delicious this year, too, incase you were wondering!) And this morning, I had meat by accident. Oops. I was good for the rest of the week though!

So, here are some of my final thoughts about this week: It was a good experiment, though I don't think I would go fully vegetarian. I was thinking about maybe doing this once a year from now on, cause that's gotta count for something, right? :P

Also, I learned just how delicious veggie sandwiches could be. Sweet.

Anyways, gotta go. Studying again. Darn it! Though the one good thing about it is I was able to offer up some good facts earlier about biology, due to having studied it all morning. Did you know that cancer is a mutation of the gene cells? And so are freckles. However, cancer is a harmful mutation, whereas freckles are a neutral mutation. Wow. Now my blog is educational too!

Haha. I actually have to go now though. As always, comment anything new you want me to try and I'll try to try it!! :) Have a lovely day! See ya!