My Evening Study Routine

Hey folks!! Today, I thought I'd blog about my evening study routine, since, y'know, school's in full swing, as per usual. So here goes!!

When I get home, I usually go on my phone for a few minutes, check and respond to emails, texts, snapchats, and all that stuff for the night. Five or ten minutes is enough, and then I'm (hopefully) off for the rest of the night.

After, I'll get settled in, make myself a cup of tea, get my planner out and see everything that I have to get done. Recently, I've also loved watching a youtube video on school/life tips or inspiration before I start on work, cause it just gets me in the mood, y'know?

A tip I've found recently (that I have been using) about planning is to only write down what you know you're going to get done that night. That way everything you write down, you know for sure that you have to get it done. Doesn't leave any room for slacking, which is good :)

Then, I'll fire up a Spotify playlist, or just play whatever I was last playing. I can do a separate post on music to listen to for various activities if you want, just comment down below if that's something you'd be interested in seeing :)

And finally, I start on the work. I'll finish as much as I can, occasionally taking breaks, no more than five or so minutes, just to get my mind off things.

Another thing I find is helpful, is if you have a place you can stand and work. I have started to this more, since we have an island that is much taller than the rest. So I stand there and do my homework, that way I'm not sitting around, which I like much better. It also allows for better jam out sessions during homework :P

Once I'm finally finished, it's usually pretty late, so I'll do some chores to get ahead for the next day. Then, I go upstairs and get ready for bed...and then I go to bed! (I'm not going to outline everything since this is a study routine, not a night time one, haha.)

ANYWAYS. That's it from me! What do you like to do in the evening? What are your study tips? Let me know in the comments below!! I would love to know any that you have, it would seriously help me out :)

Till next time!

~Iris xx


  1. Hello!
    My name is Anael and I love your latest post about studying. I am applying for a really good school and I need to get extremely good grades to get in, so that post will help me out a lot! I am a blogger too and I started on New Year's Eve, so I am quite new. My point is that I am struggling for publicity a little, so I was hoping that if you have time, you could scroll through some of my popular posts and perhaps comment on any that you have enjoyed. We all know what it is like to be new, so please help out a fellow friend! I have checked out your profile, and we have a lot in common! I LOVE Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and The Fault In Our Stars is great, I have watched the film, but I will read the book soon!
    It is great to chat, I love emailing new people, and I am always really safe online.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that I was able to help you out :) Welcome to the world of blogging!! :))))

      ~Iris xx


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