5 Things To Do During The Holidays | Blogmas 2016

Ahh, the holidays. A time of joy, a time of fun, a time of laughter, and a time to be with those you love. But there are times when you just don't know what to do on these couple weeks off. If you run into one of these times, never fear! I am here to help. Today's blogmas is 5 things to do during the holidays. Enjoy :)

   1.  build a snowman.

"Do you want to build a snowman? Cmon let's go and play! Do you wanna build a snowman?"

"Go away Anna."


No, I did not have to google the lyrics. I've just sung the song one too many times😬😂 anyways, this is a super fun activity, if you have snow at home. Packing snow, to be exact. If the packing snow is good, you're golden. Make it classic, or as creative as you like. It's most fun with a bunch of friends. You can even turn it into a competition!! That's super fun, I've done it before. I think we won😅😅


2.  have a snowball fight.

This one is best with a bunch of friends. Gather together a group, split into two teams, and go for it!! It's a classic activity, but is honestly one of my faves.

   3.  read by the fire.

Put on a fire, make up a hot drink, grab your favourite book and a blanket, and cuddle up!! It's super fun and relaxing. If you don't have a fire place, look up virtual fire places on YouTube. The first one that should pop up will even have crackling noises!! I've tried this when we wanted a short term fire. It was awesome, and I was way too proud😂

   4.  go for a walk.

Bundle up, grab a friend (or not, that works too) and go out walking!! It's super nice this time of year, and you never know what you might discover. :)

   5.  fam or friend game tournament.

Grab a group of people and a bunch of games, and have a game tournament. Prize is optional, but it's a great time for all either way. Lots of laughs pretty much guaranteed :)

That's it for this post!! Hope you liked it and/or found something you want to try!!

How are your holidays going? And what do you like to do on the holidays? Comment your thoughts below!!

See ya tomorrow for the last day of my mini blogmas :)

Till next time!!

~Iris xx