Holiday Routine | Blogmas 2016

HEEEY y'all!!! How are you?? So for today's mini blogmas, I thought I'd do my typical holiday routine :) So without further ado, leggo!!!

1. First things first. I LOVE waking up late. As someone who usually has to get up pretty early for school, I really love taking advantage of sleeping in. I typically wake up around 10-10:30ish on a holiday. There are times when I have to be up at a certain time, so I set my alarm, but it's never before 8am.

2. I then normally go downstairs, and go on my phone for a few minutes. You know, scrolling through email, snapchat, texts, and catching up on everything I missed from the night before basically, haha. As well as occasionally Pinterest or YouTube. Pinterest is great for motivating quotes to get you to start your day! Check out my quotes Pinterest board if you want some inspiration :)

3. Then, breakfast. YUM. Breakfast is my favourite meal, tbh, because of all the good food available!! Waffles, eggs, pancakes, granola...I'm smiling just thinking about it haha.

4. Then, I get myself ready for the day. This involves:

a) showering, if I hadn't the night before.
b) brushing my teeth, washing my face, and all that.
c) making my bed and tidying up my room, if needed.
d) changing out of my pj's.
e) putting on makeup and doing my hair (usually foundation, blush, eye shadow, and mascara if I'm feeling it).

#3 and 4 sometimes switch depending on the day.

5. Random and various chores.

6. Chill time! Blogging, reading blogs, YouTube, Wattpad, randomly reading or searching the web, etc. This is one of my fave things to do during the holidays. I mean obviously, since it's the time I do only what I want!!

7. Start music practice (piano, guitar, clarinet).

8. Lunch! YUM.

9. More chill time!

10. Maybe some school work.

11.  Finish music practice.

12. Hang with friends if they're around.

13. Chill time continued...

14. Dinner!

15. Finish up any work or anything from the day.

16. Hang with fam, playing games or watching TV.

17. Eat a snack.

18. Get ready for bed (brush teeth, remove makeup, wash face, change into pj's, etc.)

19. Read for a bit, or write.

20. Go to sleep.

END OF DAY!! Now, I think this goes without saying, but the routine does change quite a bit depending on the day. I might be out all day one day, or for the afternoon or morning, which changes things. I was out pretty much all day today...WE WENT AND SAW THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE. OMG. It was soooooooooo good. I would absolutely recommend it if you haven't yet seen it!! And you don't even have to know Harry Potter to see it. It was more of a standalone, though there were references to HP.

What is your fave thing to do on holidays? What do your days usually look like? Comment your thoughts/comments/questions below!!

Oh and 8 days left in 2016 guys!!! Make it count!! Lets make these the best 8 days of our lives!! :)

See you all tomorrow for another day of my mini blogmas!!

Till next time!!

~Iris xx


  1. Damn, I still haven't watched that movie but I am going to do that soon! It sounds like a very relaxed and great routine, I wish mine wasn't as hectic as it is, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yes you do, it's so good!!!! And haha hectic can be fun too, depending on what you're doing!!

      ~Iris xx

  2. Hello! I love your blog so much; you have a really beautiful design! How do you find the time to do all this!! You are very lucky! I have followed your blog because I think it’s so good!!! I would love it if you had a look at my blog; I’m a very passionate teenage blogger but I’m quite new and really need the support! Perhaps we could become friends? Thank you so much, Jeani xxx

    1. Hey Jeani!! Thank you so much omg, your comment made me smile like a fool :) As for finding time, idk lol, I kinda just make time I guess!! I enjoy it, so I do it :D I will definitely check out your blog when I get time, and I would love to be friends :)

      ~Iris xx


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