3 Life Lessons That Can Be Learned From Harry Potter

HELLOOO!! Sorry this is late again :( but ladies and gents, in light of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter that happened last week, I bring to you...life lessons from Harry Potter!!

 1.  true friendship wins over everything, so be loyal.

Examples of this: fights that the three have (such as Ron and hermione in the Goblet of Fire), and all of their loyalty in pretty much every book, since they always come out alive in the end! Stay true to your friends who will stick with you till the end.

 2.  believe in yourself and you'll do it.

Harry had no idea how to get the Philosophers stone from quirrel/Voldemort, but he believed in himself and in the end, he did! He was also the youngest seeker in like half a century for quidditch, but he never doubted himself and he became an amazing quidditch player! Never doubt your capability, cause you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

 3.  when in doubt, go to the library

This lessons is from Hermione, but it does ring true cause if you need information about something, or just a good book to read, the library has you covered👌👌 books are beautiful (and really helpful!).

Aand that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

Till next time!

~Iris xoxo


  1. I love Harry Potter an it makes me cry with happiness when bloggers love it too

    1. That's awesome! Yeah Harry Potter is definitely one of my faves :)

      ~Iris xoxo


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