Hey guys! SURPRISE! I'm here! So I thought I'd pop on here for a second, cause I have something exciting to tell you all! Well, at least I'm excited haha. But first. Here's a pic of nature I just took on a walk, cause why not:

Okay now for the news...
I JUST GOT INSTAGRAM!! For this blog :))) I'm super excited to share my life with you guys through photos! It's gonna be a good time. I haven't posted anything on there yet, but I will in the very near future!

So go give the insta a follow, if you like! It's @getupandoutblog. I'll be posting on there very soon :)

ALSO. This weekend, I am headed to the wonderful city of Ottawa. I am going to attempt to vlog it, which isn't something I've ever done for this blog before, so that should be exciting! I'll also try to post on instagram lots, and take lots of pics in general. I am SO excited and pumped for this trip, you guys have no idea! It'll be lots of fun, and hopefully lots of fun to watch as well :)

LAST THING. Currently, I'm planning lots of posts, so I just want your input: what kinds of posts do you want to see in the near future? PLEASE, let me know (in the comments), because I really do value your feedback and I prefer making posts that you want to read.

Here are some ideas:

-more vlogs, like the one I'm about to do (though you can give me your input on this one after the fact haha)
-back to school haul
-back to school tips
-more inspirational posts
-room tour
-and any more you can think of! I will try my best to do everything you suggest (within reason, of course, haha).

ANYWAYS. That's it. I hope you are all having a lovely day. It's gorgeous outside where I am. It was raining, but now it's hot. I'm going swimming in a bit with one of my best friends. So that should be fun!

Anyways. Go live your life, have spontaneous adventures, and have an awesome time doing it! See you Sunday!

Till next time!

~Iris xoxo