A BIG post of inspiration!

Are you feeling that summer rut?

You know, the one where you think you're going to accomplish SO MUCH this summer, when really, you're on your butt...day in, day out?

Do you want to...GET OUT, of this summer rut?

We ALL experience it, but never fear! For I have come with a big post of inspiration, which just might be the right dose for you to Get Up And Out, and start accomplishing your wildest dreams! Right here, right NOW!

So buckle up your seat belts, kids, for in this post, I'll be sharing tips, quotes, songs, and books, that will hopefully help you get inspired enough to accomplish everything you could ever dream of! So, what are you waiting for?


Method #1. STOP the excuses.

So, let's say you have this dream, of becoming a rock star. You dream of being up there on the big stage, singing your heart out. Or playing the piano. Or being a big soccer star.

But when it comes to practicing your skills, you always seem to have an excuse ready.

"I'm too tired."

"Eh, I'll start practicing hard tomorrow."

"It's too early."

"It's too late."

NO. NO. NO. With that attitude, all you're improving at is your excuse creation. You're NOT going to achieve your dreams as an excuse machine! So think of the excuses as an obstacle. You have to battle them through to the hard work, to reach the good part, the one where you live your dream.

Hard work always plays a part.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm just telling you it's going to be worth it.

SONGS: The Road In Between (Lucy Hale)
How Far I'll Go (Moana)
Believe (Shawn Mendes)

BOOKS/MOVIES: How To Be A Bawse (Lilly Singh) so many amazing tips. 15/10 for SURE.

Method #2: Stay positive.

There's enough negativity in the world that it could drive a person crazy.

People talk. People judge.

Some people make literal social media accounts just to hate on a person.

Those people, have no life. But YOU? You do. Or rather, even if you think you don't, you have the opportunity to create an amazing one. The fact that you're reading this right now, means you DEFINITELY have potential. Cause a hater would have scoffed and stopped reading by the first method. But you? You're still reading. Which means you have the potential to create whatever life you want to live, because you're willing to TRY.

You want to be a rockstar?
You want to be a soccer star?
You want to be a successful author?


Whatever you want to accomplish, you can do it. The trick is to stay relentlessly positive, and just keep at it. No one ever became amazing at something their first try. Need examples? Well fine then. Here's one:

Take J.K. Rowling. She was recently divorced, on government aid, and she had to type out each individual copy of HP and the Philosopher's Stone to send to publishers. It was rejected 12 times before Bloomsbury finally gave it a second chance. And now? She's a super successful author who just celebrated 20 years since the release of her book. The one she never gave up on. Imagine if she had?? Imagine if she'd decided that she was going to listen to the person who told her "not to quit her day job" and stopped writing!! I know MY life certainly wouldn't be the same.

Another tip that goes under this, is to be confident. Faking confidence is really the same as the actual thing. It gives the same effect. And that in of itself can boost your self confidence, and soon, it won't be faked!

So stay positive. Be confident. And don't you dare give up.

SONGS: Something Big (Shawn Mendes)
Drag Me Down (One Direction)
Just Hold On (Louis Tomlinson)
Never Giving Up (SpacePOP)

BOOKS/MOVIES: You Are a Badass (Jen Sincero) still finishing this one but it's been pretty darn good so far.

Method #3: Know WHY you do what you do.

I was talking to someone recently, and they told me that they don't use quotes, because they just like to motivate themselves by understanding WHY they want to do something...and then they do it! Now this got me thinking. I still love my quotes, don't get me wrong. They motivate me when I'm tired and I don't feel like working. But I think the understanding is also important, because if you never are excited to work towards your dream, well, why are you really doing it? 

If you are working towards something for the right reasons then you should be excited by the prospect of working on it.

For example. Going back to the earlier examples.

If you want to become a soccer star, you should enjoy playing soccer.

If you want to become a rockstar, you should enjoy singing.

If you want to become a successful author, then you should enjoy writing!

Simples as that. If you don't love what your dream, then it probably isn't your dream. Not the one you should work at, anyways. Pay close attention, and make sure you're working towards the right dream. YOUR dream. NOT anyone else's. 

Cause when you love what you do, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. 

SONGS: Unstoppable (SpacePOP)
I Have Confidence (Sound Of Music)
Show You (Shawn Mendes)
Shattered Glass (Brad Paisley)
American Flag On the Moon (Brad Paisley)

BOOKS/MOVIES: Moana. just finished this today. OMG I absolutely LOVED it. And it definitely fits under this category: she KNOWS why she's sailing across the ocean. She has a love for the ocean, and wants to save her people. And so she perserveres at it, and saves herself when she gets into trouble (with help from Maui at times). What more could you want/need??

Anyways, folks, that's all I have for you for today. Just so you know, this post was just as much for me as for you. I feel like we all sometimes get stuck in that rut where it's easier to bingewatch Netflix than chase after our dreams. But hopefully, after reading this, you'll feel inspired to kick butt! So if this helped, then bookmark this page, or come back to it often, or whatever you need to stay inspired. YOU CAN DO IT!

Be the one who decided to go for it. Chase your dreams, and create a life you want to live.

You only have once chance. Make it count.

Till next time!

~Iris xoxo


  1. Very very good advice and motivating too. This was really a great post and good for increasing self-esteem. JK Rowling had to write her first chapter multiple times and about 12 publishers turned her away. But she didn't give up. And we shouldn't either.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you thought so :) And yes, that is very true!!

      ~Iris xoxo


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