Ottawa Vlog

Hey hey hey! Happy Monday! I am so sorry I didn't get this up yesterday, that was always the plan, but then we had family over last minute, so that took up most of the afternoon. However, that's summer for ya! And we had a really nice time, so that was good :)  How have your summers been?

So this week, I am back with a vlog! I went on a trip to the city of Ottawa, Canada, for a couple days, and I have officially uploaded the vlog on youtube :) Unfortunately, since I took some video with my phone, some of it is rotated around. BUT ANYWAYS, here it is:

Overall, I would absolutely recommend going to Ottawa, if you can! I really enjoyed the trip! Have any of you been to Ottawa? What did you think/where did you visit? I would love to know, so leave a comment down below!

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That's it, folks! Have an amazing day!

Till next time!