5 Stress Busters!

HEY! It's Sunday again so here I am! :)

So I'm still in exams... D: ...and so I couldn't try anything new. Well I mean I kind of did. I tried a new stress buster!!!! So this will just be a list of a few stress busters that I find helpful, and maybe you will too!!

1) Music: If you study while you listen to music, some people say it isn't good. But I just say, as long as you have the ability to tune out and focus, you can tune back into the song whenever you want to get a little relief by singing!

2) Dancing: okay this is a new one I was told about today. If you look up Just Dance on youtube, and then do the dance moves along with them...it's great exercise, and hilarious, and fun!

3) Writing: Okay yes I know I'm biased but I love writing so this is an ultimate stress buster for me.

4) Reading: Getting lost in a book is a great stress reliever, because you forget what you were stressed about!

5) Talking with people: Okay  I personally think this one is great, because if you get into a funny or just normal conversation with someone, they can make you forget what you were stressing about. Or if you were both stressed, maybe it would take the edge off to hear that someone else was also stressed!

So there ya have it! 5 stress busters!!! Sorry this is kind of short...but it was the best I could do for today haha (-_-). ANYWAYS. Have a lovely day, lovely readers! I shall see you next Sunday!

AND GUESS WHAT. Next Sunday, I will be stress freeeeeeee!! All my exams will be done! YEAH, BUDDIE!! I'm honestly so excited. I have a piano exam on Saturday, and then I'm DONE! So pumped.

ANYWHO. Do you have any stress busters you like to use? Or have you tried any of mine before? Let me know in the comments!

Have a good day/night/afternoon! Till next time!