Healthy Snacks

HEY!! I'm back with another post, it being Sunday and all...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT GUYS IM REALLY STICKING TO THIS!! Hahaha I'm probs waaaay to proud, but whatever. Anyways.

So, I didn't really try anything new this week unfortunately. I've been too busy cramming knowledge which I will never use again into my head due to exams😩😳 BUT ANYWAYS. ENOUGH OF THAT. THIS IS MY BREAK DAMMIT. WE SHALL NOT DISCUSS SCIENCE DURING MY BREAK. 😅😅😑

SO. Back to the point. I'm eating a snack at the moment, and idk if I've posted a pic of it before, cause this is my staple snack. But I shall now. It's cashews, on yogurt with honey on top. SO good. And healthy!! Bonus!! Anyways, here it is. Sorry it's a bit eaten. I've been munching on it as I type. 

OHH SO GOOD. That sweet honey, mixed with the plain yogurt...just...yum. 

Oh and I was also gunna post a bit about inspiration, for all you peeps going through exams (like me) or just a hard part in your life. 

You can do it. You've got this, and remember, if you are victorious, it is your own victory. You made it happen. Don't downgrade things like this in the name of modesty, cause, though yes, it's good to be modest, you shouldn't not celebrate your successes. So cheer and whoop when you succeed, but remember:

It's up to you. Only you can determine whether you do or don't succeed. 

And if you need to talk, I'm here. Find my email on my 'contact me' page (too lazy to put it here haha). Shoot me an email, and we can talk to your hearts content. I'm funny, I like to think. I may make you laugh a bit, or just help you get through your struggles. 

ANYWAYS. I have to finish my snack and head back up otherwise it's my exam that's going to pay. I hate exams. Wait no. I don't like to hate stuff. Correction: I strongly, strongly dislike exams and wish they didn't exist. 

Anyways, I must be off lovely readers. Comment what you want me to try, and I'll try to try it, as always!! Have a lovely day/night/life!! Till next time!



  1. Love this!! When I'm studying I sometimes eat pretzel snacks, I take a pretzel and put some peanut butter on it. It gives you everything you're usually craving, something quick, sweet, crunchy, and salty :)

    1. Thanks!!!!! :) And OOH that sounds good :D :D I'm gunna have to try that haha, thank you :))))


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