Italy Diary: Day 1

Hey!! So as you can probably guess, I'm on vacation in Italy!! So I've decided to do a 'diary' type thing this week. I'll include various pictures that I took throughout the day as well.

So we arrived yesterday. I packed yesterday morning (that was a bit of a rush. Oops. I don't think I forgot anything...), well actually I guess Sunday. Cause our flight was Sunday evening, then we arrived late afternoon yesterday. We took an orientation tour, just to get our bearings. Here are some pics from that tour: 

Okay so the last pic I find pretty cool, since this statue inspired Michaelangelo in making the statue of David!! 

That evening we went out to dinner at an AMAZING pizza place. Now I'm an extreme food lover, so this was amazing. It was margarita pizza. Well, to be exact, Regima Margarita pizza (same as margarita except with cherry tomatoes and basil added. Then after dinner, we went out to a gelato place. OMG SO GOOD. I have a picture of what I got:

It was passion fruit gelato (on the left) and watermelon gelato (on the right). I've never had watermelon gelato, or ice cream. But honestly it was so so so good, I would TOTALLY recommend it (if you have a good place at least). 

Anyways. Then we came back to where we're staying...and went to bed. 

That was our day yesterday!! I will post about today...later today. Hint: it involves electric bikes, and me freaking out. (We just got back from that). Fun!!

Haha. Anyways we are headed out now. I will try to take lots of pics. Till next time!! Aka later today!!