Listening to a new music genre!

HEYO!!!! It's Sunday...and I'm back with a new post!!!!

Also...I'M FREEEEEE!! Haha my exams are done. And I am off on a trip. So expect some pics (maybe...hopefully). YAY!!

So as you may or may not know, I am a piano player. And I thought that it would be cool to find people who also played the piano (professionally), to, y'know, inspire me a bit more.

 I'm not exactly sure how, but I managed to find The Piano Guys. And I absolutely LOVE their stuff. It's a mix of classical and songs that we know. For example, the did a mix of Winter (a classical piece, I forget who it's by though) and Let It Go!!!!! I'm listening to it right now. It's SO GOOD. They also did Story of My Life (1D), What Makes You Beautiful (also 1D), and Thousand Years (Christina Perri?). 

The piano guys are five guys. One of them plays the piano, one of them plays the cello, and the others helo out with other stuff on the producing side. (I think) their music videos are SO GOOD, and the music is amazing too!!!!! I would totally recommend them. 10/10. 

Man, I never thought that I'd be saying this about classical music!! Haha. But here I am, doing exactly that!! Anyways. If you're looking for a new genre, listen to this. It's a new genre, but you'd still know it. Since they do popular pieces. 

ANYWAYS. I GOTTA GO. What genres are your faves? And do you guys play instruments? What ones? Comment below! 

And as always, comment any new things you want me to try, and I'll try my best to try them!! Till next time!