Italy Diary: Day 2

YO!! So I'm back with day 2 of Italy!!!

Today started up with a bang. Literally. The alarm set to wake us up was Bang Bang (the song) and it was REALLY loud. Woke me up, alright. So we got ready for the day, and had a breakfast of apricot yogurt, oranges, apricots, and left over pizza from last night. Yum. 

Then we headed out to our tour. It was an electric bike tour around the countryside of Florence (where we're staying). So cool.

 Except. The electric bikes were frightening. When they give you a boost, oh, they give you a boost. And it was really hilly too!!!!! So we'd be going downhill and I'd be trying my very best not to pedal because if I did that would mean a boost...downhill. That was something I did NOT want. At one point, I forgot the electric part was on (you could turn it on and off) and pedalled as I went over a speed bump. I almost fell off. That was a scary moment for me. Plus, there were so many bumps!! And all the bumps were magnified as I sat on the bike. So I bumped up and down a lot, and that kind of really hurt. I kept being like, "ow ow ow ow" pretty much constantly. I kept stopping in front of hills (not meaning for that to be the place) and then I'd have to go downhill, but I'd have to pedal oh man that was tough. 

HOWEVER. I actually really liked the electric part for uphills. Sooo nice and easy!!

Our guide was super nice too, and he talked about the history of the places we went to and it was a super fun experience, besides, y'know, the bike issues. I would totally recommend it, just as long as you're comfortable with bikes (waaaay more comfortable than I am!!). Now, I unfortunately don't have pictures of that tour since I left my phone at the apartment. 

But anyway. Let's get on with the day!

Okay so after the tour we went to a restaurant that our guide took us to and we had snacks. We were with our tour mates (a really nice couple) and we just chatted with them whilst snacking on bread with olive tapenade, and also others with cream cheese, anchovies, and seeds. (No, I did not eat the anchovies D:) It was really nice. 

Then, we went back to the apartment, because I really needed a bathroom break and we needed to figure out where to go. So we did that, had a nap (well I didn't but the rest of the family did haha), and went back out to the market!! We went to Mercato Centrale. It's a bigger market in Florence. We ate there, and yes I took pictures!! I brought my phone along this time :)

I had the pizza. That pasta is my mums :) it was soooo good omg. I feel like pretty much all pizza in Italy is good, am I right?

Anyways then we just wandered around. OH!! While in the market exciting things happened. 1) there was a piano that said that you could just sit down and play. So after careful consideration, I did exactly that!! It was cool. And quite a nice piano actually!! And then 2) I got a hat!! A SnapBack, to be precise. I'm trying to get one from every place I go to (like every country I visit). I dunno about you, but I LOVE snapbacks. I don't even know why but they are so comfortable and cool and awesome!! Mine is bright orange, with "Firenze" written on it. Coolio. 

Then we left the market. Or, tried to. But we were redirected haha. Apparently you couldn't exit that way. Something about an escalator only goin one way? Up? Eh, that's no problem. I could totally go down that. Easy. (Kidding!)

But after we actually left the market, we wandered around for awhile. We stumbled upon this really cool place, that looked like a soccer museum. (Or football, in Europe.) So cool!! Here are some pics:

Okay after that we came back to our place. I also have a few random pics from throughout today:

At one point, we passed a market. I liked it. 

We also passed this amazing place in the market. Idk, I just liked the name. A lot. 

Then we passed it again on the street:

That is so punny. I really like that. Haha. Anywayssss. That was super long lol. 

I'm gunna go. But anyways, that was day 2 of Italy!!! Okay it's not technically over. But we're all kinda tired, so we'll most likely go to the same pizza place as last night for dinner. If we do anything super exciting I'll put up another post about it lol. 

ALSO. PLS READ THIS. Have any of you every been to Italy? Or live in Italy? Do you have any suggestions as to where we should go? We're staying in Florence. Any would be appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks :)

Anywho, see ya!! Till next time!!