Italy Diary: Day 3

Ouch. That's all I can think right now. I think I bruised my butt from the bike tour yesterday. 😁

Haha. Anyways. Today started off...with my dad waking us up. Thinking that we were supposed to wake up at 7:30 instead of 7:45. I got a couple extra minutes of sleep though!!

Our breakfast consisted of jam and bread, croissant, apricot, cherry yogurt and apricot juice. Yum. 

Then, we got ready and booked it to our tour. We ended up being late (probably should have gotten up at 7:30...oops), but it was all good. 

The tour was super interesting. I learned so much, seriously. And I took a ton of pictures. I'll put each picture here, then explain about it. 

This was where we met for the tour. Tbh I don't have much info about it oops. The guide kinda just got to know us a bit more, y'know? 

Now THIS is the biggest some in the world, in what was originally the biggest church in the world. Crazy. And huge. It's also self supporting!!

Okay this is the bridge where the Medicci family built the tunnel from one house to the other. So the basic story here is that Mrs. Medicci moved out with the kids, and her husband (Mr. Medicci) stayed in the main square. Now, they ruled Florence. So Mr. Medicci marries off his eldest son. But he has no way to tell him without going and that would be a dangerous journey. So he builds a covered pathway. This is part of it. The other cool part of this picture is the houses. So in that time (the Middle Ages-Renaissance) you paid taxes on how much land your first floor took up. So the houses were generally tall and skinny. However, these people were smart. They built houses on the bridge, which didn't take up any land. So, no taxes. Sweet. 

In this picture, notice the triangles and semicircles on top of all the windows. They were Roman (circles) and Greek (triangles). Everything built during the Renaissance was influenced by the Romans and Greeks. These buildings were no exception. 

Okay then the tour ended. We decided to go have a snack. Well, lunch. 

So we went to this panini place. It was okay, I didn't finish mine though. A mix of it not being my fave, and me it being very hungry. But you bet I was hungry for that gelato we had later!!! Then we went for a walk. Here are some pics:

Baby Jesus giving us the peace sign cause he's a cool dude. Haha just kidding. 

Then to finish off the day we had dinner with the couple we met yesterday. Yum. I had a pasta tasting, and then cheesecake (um...forgot to take a pic of the cheesecake. People kept wanting some and I didn't want them to have I dove right in. But I have pics of the pasta!):

YUM. Now, it's late, so I should go to bed. Remember, if you have anything you want me to try, comment it and I'll try my best to try it. And if you have any Italy suggestions, please, please, please send them my way. Anyways.  Good night, good people!! Till next time!!